Ribble Sportive


Rob contacted us after his child’s bicycle fell onto his bike’s top tube, which caused fracture at the joint area.

After damaged area has been exposed and fractured bonding compound replaced with a fresh one, we have reinforced the joint with carbon fiber to ensure that it wont happen again.

Happy cycling, Rob.

Easton EC90 XD for Talbot Frameworks

edited Easton

We have received a couple of carbon fibre forks to modify from Talbot Frameworks – mudguard eyes, pannier rack mounts and dynamo internal wiring.

All stainless steel parts has been modified by using our beloved British heritage Milford lathe, in order to ensure maximum grip. Then bonded using structural compound and re-enforced with freshly made Toray pre-preg. Internal wiring has been re-enforced both – internally end externally. And of course, everything has been heat treated (baked) at our workshop in The Wick. We hope that our work will outlive us.

Talbot Frameworks: “Thanks for getting these done for us, the work looks amazing!”

P.S. We will update images once forks are re-sprayed.


ldf1 We would like to share our happiness and excitement that we have started our collaboration with custom carbon fibre bicycle frame builder – Tsubasa Bicycles. Re-inventor of bicycle. Tsubasa is inventor of single-piece carbon fibre frames, which has no joints and has fibres running continuously through entire frame, providing maximum performance and maximum durability. Superb craftsmanship. 100% hand made in UK. 2015 will be big year for us and we will do our best to make you part of it.

Felt DA


edited damaged

When we received this frame, for a moment we didn’t know how to react. Similar feeling to when you see little baby with two plastered legs and one plastered arm a day after the car crash.

Cyclist stopped at the red light, but car didn’t. As you can see, after that, both of the chain stays snapped off completely and one of the seat stays broke while the other one cracked. Space between chain stays shifted to 8.5cm instead of 12.6cm and rear end of the frame was completely misaligned in relation to the rest of the frame.

Chain stays and seat stays were re-attached, space between the stays was brought back to 12.6 and entire frame was rejigged. Frame is perfectly straight, again. And back in the streets, again.

Stay visible.

Combo – Saddle / Seat Post

edited all Ray is one of our returning clients… Clients? To be honest, he is more like our family member.

Original weight of Ray’s saddle was 95g, seat post 129g, clamping system 40g = 264g. Goals: get rid of as much weight as possible and achieve minimalistic look.

It is easy to get rid of the weight as long as you know what you’re doing and using right materials for right purpose. But to achieve required aesthetics by overcoming regular engineering solutions was a bit of a challenge. We came up with our own, new solution, which hasn’t been used before. It also led us to discovery of a new (at least for us) fibre layup system, which had to be done in different stages. This project took us longer then we’ve originally expected, but it was worth waiting. Especially when final result doesn’t just looks good but also weigh 122g less (almost 1/2 of the original weight).

More combo projects are coming at the beginning of 2015.

Ray: “Hi Ed, finally feel ok so I went for a ride today and the combo was groovy. Seat is really comfy and position feels spot on. Awesome work. Many thanks.”



Bicycle vs. Bicycle. Both damaged, both unridable. One of them arrived to our workshop. It wasn’t just a crack in the tube. The tube was crushed, aluminium dropout was bent, space between dropouts was incorrect and centre line of rear end of the bike was off – “chain reaction”.

Within 10 days, frame was ready to be ridden. Space between dropouts was corrected and entire frame has ben rejigged in order to reset centre line of the frame.

Cycle safe.