Scott carbon fiber bicycle repairZoran arrived to our workshop after somebody else has repaired his frame.

Zoran: “It brake during the first ride”.

More then a couple of months has passed after repair has been done at our workshop and still no call from Zoran. We guess that no news is a good news.

trek domane

Trek Domane carbon fiber bicycle repair

Richard was racing in Wales. He came off the bike when descending at +-35 miles/h. Seat stay snapped, but it didn’t stop Richard to complete the race – DETERMINATION!

Richard is still racing and commuting regularly Brighton – London – Brighton.



Cannondale SuperSix

Canonndale Supersix carbon fiber bicycle repair

We don’t really know how this seat stay got damaged, but most important thing is that now it is repaired and bike can be ridden with confidence.

Andrew: “The Cannondale is wonderful!”.

Giant Defy


Giant St. Paul’s have sent us one more frame, which got involved in an accident. We don’t know all the details about how it had happened. Damage was going around almost 360′ and seat stay had movement.

Defy is repaired and back in the streets.