Thank you.

I know, we haven’t been updating our blog for a very long time and it is because we were and still are very busy.

LCR would like to say THANK YOU to guys at Giant St. Paul’s for keeping us busy throughout the year. Also many mechanics at Cycle Surgery and Evans Cycles for recommending us to people. BIG THANK YOU to various cycling clubs for trusting your precious, expensive bikes with us. Another BIG THANK YOU to guys at Olympic Velodrome, both, roadies and track cyclists. And of course, Bikeshack in Leyton for not just a bikes but also intellectually stimulating conversations ;]

And one more  THANK YOU to DONHOU CYCLES and SHAND CYCLES for trusting us to have some fun when modifying carbon forks!

Cycle safe everyone!

Specialized Roubaix


This Roubaix has landed onto our surgery desk after it has been butchered by a very creative mind who decided to cut down a top tube in order to steal it.

Because top tube has been cut entirely, frame has lost its alignment and because tension changed, frame geometry changed too, therefore frame has been re-jigged at Tsubasa Bicycles and brought back into its original state.

Make sure you lock your bike in a safe place.

De Rosa King


Christopher has been hit by a car while riding his De Rosa King. Crash resulted head tube beginning to disconnect from a down tube, bottom of a head tube split and bearing cups has de-bonded.

All of it has been put back into its place and Christopher is riding his De Rosa again.

Canyon slx


Ho Ke is one of our returning clients.

This time, his bicycle has been parked outside. While it was resting someone dropped something on a top tube causing damage. At first time it looked like it will be not a big one, but once we started taking off a paint work, we realised that damage was much greater then it appeared on the surface.

It is ready to race again. Ho Ke is taking care of it.

Cycle safe, Ho Ke!