Team in London Carbon Repairs and Modifications is US certified in “Fabrication of Composite Structures and Repair”. In the past we have been involved into process of aircraft (mainly Boeing) repairs. These days we are closely involved into processes of manufacturing carbon fiber bicycles and modification of carbon fiber bicycle components. In February of 2017 we have made an estimate calculation and now we can officially say that we have repaired over a 1000 carbon bicycles of all brands. Parlee, Trek, S-Works, Pinarello, Cervelo… lightweight, super lightweight… all been at our workshop.

We have an understanding and knowledge of carbon fabrics, its qualities and performance of a different resins. We use ONLY highest quality pre-pregs (pre-impregnated carbon fibre fabrics) produced in Japan by Japanese manufacturers. Our resins are the highest quality, crystallization free and approved by many associations – Sustainable Future Technologies, Wind Turbine Engine, Aircraft and High Performance Vehicle manufacturing development.

London Carbon Repairs and Modifications workshop is equipped with all necessary equipment such as programmable ovens, oil-free and high heat resistant vacuum systems in order to fabricate and repair composite structures. We are capable to repair damages with a gain in weight of just a few milligrams.
We are very happy to announce that since 2015 we have started to work with Giant Bicycles warranty centre. We also work with various cycling clubs where we repair, modify and tune bikes in order to suit specific needs. At the same time we are recommended by many mechanics of Evans Cycles and Cycle Surgery plus many more privately owned cycling stores. That is not mentioning custom bicycle frame builders for home we modify carbon fibre components.
Our bicycle frame repair service comes with transferable lifetime warranty.

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