Daccordi carbon fiber bicycle repair

Jacob arrived to our workshop before he was heading down to the cycling trip in Middle East, but before that, he wanted to try out Alps with his newly purchased Daccordi.

The moment he sat on his bike, something snapped – BB shell completely disconected from a down tube.

We’ve found out that the frame has been repaired in multiple areas, which started to fail. As you can see in the images, quality of the repair has been compromised by replacing carbon fiber with glass fabric in the base layers and polyurethane resin been used instead of epoxy resin.

Areas had to be repaired:

  1. Junction of head tube / down tube / top tube
  2. Down tube / BB shell / seat tube / chain stays

Today, Jacob is in the Alps and we are waiting for an image of Jacob and his Daccordi.

P.S. Make sure that your repaires has been done by qualified people.

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