S-works tarmac / PF30

Specialized Tarmac SL3 carbon fiber bicycle repair modification

Eric has sent his Tarmac with the request of standart BSA BB shell to be replaced with full carbon, produced in-house BB shell PF30.

Here is Eric’s reply: “I hope you are keeping well. The S-Works Tarmac BB conversion is working really well. Great job !!”

P.S. Eric is our returning customer and previous repair carried out in the past, can be found here: https://londoncarbonrepairs.co.uk/2014/09/05/roval-clincher-rim/


Daccordi carbon fiber bicycle repair

Jacob arrived to our workshop before he was heading down to the cycling trip in Middle East, but before that, he wanted to try out Alps with his newly purchased Daccordi.

The moment he sat on his bike, something snapped – BB shell completely disconected from a down tube.

We’ve found out that the frame has been repaired in multiple areas, which started to fail. As you can see in the images, quality of the repair has been compromised by replacing carbon fiber with glass fabric in the base layers and polyurethane resin been used instead of epoxy resin.

Areas had to be repaired:

  1. Junction of head tube / down tube / top tube
  2. Down tube / BB shell / seat tube / chain stays

Today, Jacob is in the Alps and we are waiting for an image of Jacob and his Daccordi.

P.S. Make sure that your repaires has been done by qualified people.

Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merkx carbon fiber bicycle repair

John came to us after we’ve been recommended by Look Mum No Hands. Aparently, in the past, bottle cage bosses came loose and bike has been repaired at Merkx factory in Belgium. After some time bottle cage bosses became loose again and bicycle frame ended up at our workshop.

Here it is now. We hope that John will carry on enjoying this nice frame for a long time.

Ritte Ace

Ritte Ace carbon fiber bicycle repair

Chis’s Ace BB shell became de-attached after cyclocross racing season last year and started spinning inside of the frame, plus separated into two halves as it is bonded in the middle.

Now Ace is ready and waiting for September to come, meanwhile, Chris is staying in shape at Olympic Velodrome.


Scott carbon fiber bicycle repairZoran arrived to our workshop after somebody else has repaired his frame.

Zoran: “It brake during the first ride”.

More then a couple of months has passed after repair has been done at our workshop and still no call from Zoran. We guess that no news is a good news.

trek domane

Trek Domane carbon fiber bicycle repair

Richard was racing in Wales. He came off the bike when descending at +-35 miles/h. Seat stay snapped, but it didn’t stop Richard to complete the race – DETERMINATION!

Richard is still racing and commuting regularly Brighton – London – Brighton.



Bianchi Oltre

Bianchi Oltre carbon fiber bicycle repairThis beauty has arrived at our workshop by post. We haven’t had a chance to have a chat with the owner, therefore reason of damage isn’t known.

Top tube has been repaired using biaxial pre-preg and “baked” with our custom made “oven”.

Cycle safe.