ldf1 We would like to share our happiness and excitement that we have started our collaboration with custom carbon fibre bicycle frame builder – Tsubasa Bicycles. Re-inventor of bicycle. Tsubasa is inventor of single-piece carbon fibre frames, which has no joints and has fibres running continuously through entire frame, providing maximum performance and maximum durability. Superb craftsmanship. 100% hand made in UK. 2015 will be big year for us and we will do our best to make you part of it.

Felt DA


edited damaged

When we received this frame, for a moment we didn’t know how to react. Similar feeling to when you see little baby with two plastered legs and one plastered arm a day after the car crash.

Cyclist stopped at the red light, but car didn’t. As you can see, after that, both of the chain stays snapped off completely and one of theĀ seat stays broke while the other one cracked. Space between chain stays shifted to 8.5cm instead of 12.6cm and rear end of the frame was completely misaligned in relation to the rest of the frame.

Chain stays and seat stays were re-attached, space between the stays was brought back to 12.6 and entire frame was rejigged. FrameĀ is perfectly straight, again. And back in the streets, again.

Stay visible.